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Industrial Coalescers & Separators

Our broad range of industrial coalescers meet any requirements you may have for coalescers and separation filtration. We carry a broad range of compressed air coalescers for any OEM as well as an extensive range of coalescer filter housings for compressed air and special gases purification. We carry 1/4"NPT - 3"NPT connections, Flange Connections 4" up to 18 " inches and above for special build



Fiberglass Media - What it is and why we use it

Fiberglass media was considered a breakthrough in filtration technology when it was first introduced because of its unique combination of high removal efficiencies and high permeability. Microglass fibers have very fine diameters, resulting in more void space, thus providing greater dirt-holding capacity and increased flow rates.

The fibers also have high surface charges, enabling them to attract polar compounds, such as water, out of hydrocarbon process streams. This "wettability" makes fiberglass filters effective coalescers, removing water and other liquids from compressed air, refined products gases, and natual gas, sour gas, methane and CO2 gases.

Our fiberglass gas filters have extensive use in diverse applications as gas gathering, dehydration units, sweetening plants, tail-gas treaters, industrial gas separation, sewage & landfill digester gas and cogeneration facilities.

Greenleaf offers a wide range of pleated microfiberglass filter coalescers for compressed air, methane gas, CO2 and natural gas purification. The microfiberglass media is pleated for extended surface area and reinforced to withstand rigorous use.

These filters are designed for inside-out flow, which enhances the coalescing process via velocity-reduction. The pleat pack is secured with a steel outer cage to prevent rupture. A polyester felt outer drainage layer prevents reintrainment of the liquid droplets. 


   Tin-plated metal end caps are bonded to the center tube for added strength. Choice of Buna-N or Viton gaskets

  Double-louvered center tubes provide low flow restriction. Made in-house for excellent availability and cost control.

  Spun-bonded polyester core wrap prevents media migration. Available membrane wrap provides .3-micron protection.

  Molded seamless 6# fiberglass media removes particulates >1u and coalesces liquids for clean, dry natural gas.


Liquid / Liquid Separators

Liquid-Liquid phase coalescer separators have provided years of trouble free service in refineries, production fields and plants around the world. Common applications are for removal of water from hydrocarbon condensate, diesel and jet fuel.



Main Product Groups Greenleaf Filtration

In-Line Filters

We have one of the most comprehensive range of alternative compressed air filter elements available today. Why not check us out to see if we have what you are looking for.



Vacuum Pump Separators            

Our own line of vacuum pump separators are "as good if not better" than the originals. This product group is currently our most successful, with all the major brands and crosses available.

   Compressor Air/Oil Separators

Air/Oil separators are an integral part of any oil floooded compressor and need to be built to the highest standards. Our separators offer minimal oil carry over and low DP.

Special Products 

Greenleaf Filtration has a wealth of knowledge and experience in many different fields of filtration, so if you cannot find exactly what you are looking for, please contact us at



Compressed Air and Gas Filter Housings


Vertical Industrial Coalescer & Separator Housings

Our two-stage vertical coalescer separator housings are mechanical devices designed to filters solids and separate two immiscible liquids. Using our first-stage coalescer cartridges and second stage separator cartridges, these housing provide the highest degree of water and solids removal available.

These quality products are designed for installations in petrochemical plants, refineries, power plants, bulk storage terminals, offshore platforms, manufacturing plants and many other industrial applications.


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